Praying Hands by Devo / Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! / Chrysalis / 1978 / USA

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I’m no longer jealous of the people in England that get to see Gary Numan two or three times a year. I’m for sure seeing him two more times this year (I already saw him at The Observatory earlier this month): once at Amoeba in Hollywood, then at Hollywood Forever Cemetery two days later. I saw him once in 2010 and had given up hope on seeing him again for another year or two, but now three times in one year? I am so beyond happy. I have loved this man’s music for the last half of a decade, and to see him so often in such a relatively short span of time is like a dream come true.

Gary Numan: Films [Live: 09/04/2013 - The Observatory, Santa Ana, CA]

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Your life is falling apart around you, you haven’t written a new song in 3 years, and all you can think about is kittens.
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Elliott Smith hated cops


Elliott Smith hated cops

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