Today around 4pm Annie and I made it to the Figure 8 wall. I knew that it had been restored, but… it kind of wasn’t. Instead of taking down all of the graffiti and posters/plaster that have been put over the wall, whoever “restored” it just seems to have coated the wall over with the material they use to take casts of dinosaur fossils, and then that mold/plaster thing has been painted over with the black and red swirls. The red paint has paper circles that have all of his lyrics written on them. The black has paper cranes and images of his album covers, bands he liked, etc. In the white are messages from the wall that the people who restored it liked or something. Everything seems to be printed out on printer paper, though, which makes it all look a little cheap.

When Annie and I got there, there were about eight people there looking at it. Most of them were teenagers, I assume part of the group that “restored” the wall. There were some candles set up (pictured) that they kids were selling for $3 each. Sorry, but unless the money is being given straight to Elliott’s family, then I am not going to buy some crudely made candle with printed out pictures of him cheaply taped to it. Some of them were asking others to stand in front of the wall and “smile and say cheese!” After a few minutes of this, Annie and I had to leave; she and I understand being happy due to being proud of an achievement like “restoring” the wall, but today just isn’t a day to be smiling like a loon in front of the wall and holding up a peace sign.

Annie herself isn’t even that big a fan, only really loving the song “Between The Bars,” but she almost broke down and cried twice in the short time that we were there. I cried when we left, fragments of “Walts #2 (XO),” “Somebody That I Used To Know,” and “Can’t Make A Sound” circling through my head.

Annie and I are going there later this week to actually pay our respects when it can just be her and I there. I don’t know, maybe I’m just being bitter, but it almost felt like these people had no concept of who Elliott was, and what his lyrics meant and the life he led. I don’t want to hop on a soapbox here and preach, so this seems like a good enough time to end this post.